29 04 2021

What is the function of the business voip systems?

What is a business voip systems? VoIP stands for "Voice over Internet Protocol". VoIP is a digital innovation, and many companies are using them to elevate their business communications to a new level as their business develops. An enterprise VoIP telephone system uses a private branch e

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26 03 2021

Learn how to properly set up an IP telephone.

The network structure of the commonly used IP telephone communication network includes mesh network, star network and composite network. 1. IP phone mesh network. There is a direct link connected between any two nodes in the IP telephone network. The feature of the IP telephone mesh network is th

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16 03 2021

Understand the five advantages of IP telephony.

As a new service, IP telephony has its own characteristics and strengths that traditional services cannot match. According to the current development trend of network technology, it can be foreseen that in the near future, IP telephonys will gradually replace traditional PSTN phones. Compared wit

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22 02 2021

Advantages of ip telephone system contact center.

In the modern world economic activities, the competition among enterprises increasingly reflects a kind of brand image competition. We know that the rapid development of science and technology has improved the ability of enterprises to use high and new technology, and the way to obtain high and new

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06 02 2021

The most important technical foundation of an ip telephone system.

The structure of the H. 323 protocol stack and the structure of the ip telephone system based on the H. 323 protocol explain the functions of the main equipment in the IP telephone network; then the RAS protocol, RADIUS protocol, and call signaling protocol are introduced. H. 225.0 and media contro

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31 05 2021

Voip Telephone | The principle of Internet telephony

LVswitches is a leading technology solutions provider.We provide Voip Telephone. You can browse related products and initiate consultations on our website. 1. Telephone principle The voice signal is digitally processed, compressed and coded and packaged, transmitted through the network, and then d

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21 01 2021

Scenario application of IP PBX and application in big data.

In the current era of big data, through data analysis, data on people's needs for goods can be obtained, and people's needs for ip pbx can be distinguished through these data. Provide services according to the scenario, while also seizing the advantages of big data to promote the development

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15 01 2021

The advantages of IP phones and the principles of safe use.

IP phones can reduce broadband service costs to a certain extent, and at the same time ensure the quality of the call, and IP phones support the transmission of network data, voice and images. In order to ensure the safe use of corporate IP phones, it is necessary to separate voice calls and other d

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