---Government-enterprise integration communication collaborative work solution---

Program description
The MOA Smart Enterprise Collaborative Work Platform is a multi-terminal product for communication and collaboration created by Shanglu Technology for government and enterprise. It integrates instant messaging, voice calls, conference calls, attendance check-in, and approval applications. Users can use various integrated communication and information office OA functions provided by the platform on mobile phones and computer clients.

Government institutions and enterprises are facing the risk of leaking government secrets and corporate information on the network while improving work efficiency through informatization deployment. Therefore, the network security of these information is very important. MOA Smart Enterprise Collaborative Work Platform supports privatized deployment, deploying business servers, voice/conference servers and message servers locally. Data is encrypted during network transmission to ensure data security; it can be outbound through the telephone line provided by the operator, and Telephone network connection. The client also supports simultaneous connection to the IPPBX, and office calls can be made using the mobile APP.

The platform business supports customization to meet different business requirements to the greatest extent; the platform architecture reserves extended interfaces, and if there are special needs, it can also easily support custom development and integration.



Value of customer
Multi-dimensional integration of the address book, providing multiple address book methods such as messages, voice, video, and teleconference, to meet the communication needs in various scenarios;
The OA module supports business customization according to the different situations of enterprises and institutions; and can provide definition development services;
Private deployment, all data is stored locally to protect corporate privacy;
With the business road IP PBX products in the enterprise, it can connect the client and the desktop phone, and truly carry the extension with you.

Applicable scene
Government institutions and enterprises that have requirements for integrated communications and smart office, and have requirements for data security.

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