The IPPBX series products perfectly combine telecommunications exposure and VoIP network, which greatly reduces the communication cost of enterprises. Adopt the latest voice processing technology to provide users with high-quality call effects. IPPBX's embedded operating system has the skills to ensure the reliable operation of the telephone network, and can also easily expand and flexibly migrate extensions.
IPPBX also has strong compatibility, which can be mixed with various traditional PBX networks to protect user investment. The entire solution makes full use of existing resources, which not only protects the user's own existing investment, but also does not change the user's existing usage habits.

●Reduce communication costs between government departments

●Interoperability with the original PBX

●Keep the original dialing habits

●Can initiate conference calls at any time to respond to emergencies

●The system has high stability, avoiding the phenomenon of communication terminals
business voip systems

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