Program description
The hotel communication solution of Shanglu Technology can provide customers with integrated access to IP voice and broadband. By establishing an internal voice and data communication network, it can realize the integration of high-efficiency voice transmission, IP voice communication, IPTV, WiFi and other services. Efficient communication network. On this basis, establish a voice communication network and multimedia hotel communication system based on mature and effective technologies, while taking into account the requirements of future communication development.

In response to the communication, business characteristics and various challenges faced by hotels of different sizes, Shanglu Technology launched the "hotel cloud platform + PON" solution. The cloud platform provides a complete set of IP voice communication system solutions, and the hotel side is connected through ONU/IAD. The cloud platform provides telephone access functions. At the same time, the platform provides hotel services such as PMSI, attendant console, and billing, to meet the core voice and office business needs of different hotels.

The hotel can also deploy IP PBX6000 equipment to realize independent VoIP networking. IP PBX6000 supports traditional analog relays and digital relays. IP relays can meet the docking requirements of different communication devices, and also support PMSI, attendant consoles, billing and other hotels business.


value of customer
In the "Hotel Cloud Platform + PON" solution, the cloud platform provides a complete set of IP voice communication system solutions to meet the core voice and office business needs of different hotels, improve work efficiency, and provide guests with comprehensive voice services to increase satisfaction. It can not only ensure a high degree of business integration, but also reduce construction costs with the most economical terminal access, and support smooth expansion in the future, while providing convenient remote operation and maintenance services to reduce daily maintenance costs.

The hotel console can realize the functions of queuing calls, consulting, booking rooms, and hotline services. Administrative office telephones and guest room telephones are deployed uniformly to provide customers with stable and convenient communication services.
Shanglu Technology Smart Gateway creates multimedia hotel room services, which can provide integrated access to voice, broadband, and TV, reducing engineering wiring and effectively reducing investment costs.

Applicable scene
Operator hotel cloud platform, guesthouse, business hotel, star hotel.

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