Call center system

  • Call center system

Call center system

Remote seat service;outbound call management;
ACD intelligent queuing function;work order system;
visual voice navigation IVR;report statistics;
contact/customer management;5G access;
full recording function;downlink terminal phone access;
service monitoring;uplink rich line access;
WeChat public account access;teleconference;
automatic calls to mobile phones when seats are offline;
provides powerful functions such as CTI interface

Voice Toolbar

● Ready/Not Ready: Set the status of the agent. In the ready state, the queue allocates calls to the agent
● Answer: Click to answer automatically (requires phone support/start WebRTC)
● Hang up: Hang up the current call
● Dial: display the dial pad, you can dial to initiate a call
● Hold/Resume: Hold the current call/Resume the current call
● Transfer: Display the dial pad, you can transfer the current call to another number
● IVR: transfer to IVR
● Outgoing call/waiting: start/pause the list of automatic call distribution
● Pop-up screen: Pop-up screen displays related information of the current call number
● Management: View traffic monitoring information
● Log in/out: log in/out seat

Visual voice navigation IVR

● Visualized voice navigation, more convenient configuration
● Personalized strategy settings, flexibly respond to various scenarios

Call number data import

● Automatic matching batch import field function, no need to download templates, the system automatically matches, and customer data is directly imported, which is more convenient, faster and smarter to use.

Data filtering

 ● Multi-condition screening
 ● Quickly screen numbers
 ● Reduce invalid calls from agents

Outbound call list allocation

● Administrator: batch allocation by seat and by department; customize the number of default allocation lists; manual and automatic allocation;
● Agents: real-time task statistics; one-key preview, one-click dialing, appointment; list number hiding.

Phone pop-up

● The phone pops up to display customer information
● Quickly create, associate, and update customer information
● View immediate records Add work order, service summary
● Check the database quickly
knowledge base

● Unified management of knowledge and experience, real-time updates, and convenient sharing.
● The agent can quickly reply to customers during the call, and enhance the professional image of service

Work order management

● Agents can create work orders for customers to efficiently track and deal with customer needs. Support the statistics of the total number and distribution of various work orders.

Satisfaction evaluation

● Support satisfaction evaluation and satisfaction evaluation report
● Determine the key factors
● Measure current customer satisfaction levels
● Determine opportunities for improvement
● Improve customer satisfaction

Customer management

● Outbound call list annotation
● Convert valid customer information
● Classification management Precision marketing

recording function

 ● Web online check and download, support batch export.
● The mp3/wav format can be freely selected according to the requirements of sound quality and storage.

Statistical report
\● The work performance of employees is intuitively reflected through data reports and graphical statistics, and managers do not need to manually collect them, which saves time and effort and is more efficient.

Automatically add prefix

● Direct calls to local numbers
● Automatically add prefix 0 for mobile phones in other places

---Suzhou Telecom Dual Dry Network Solution---
client needs
The original IPPBX equipment of Suzhou Shuanggan Network provides voice services and phone queue services, but does not have the phone pop-up function, so it is inefficient to record user call information and return visits. Due to the small number of seats (within 5 seats), it is hoped that functions such as phone pop-up, work summary, and customer management can be realized without adding hardware equipment.


Shanglu Technology provides a virtualization deployment solution, deploying a customer service system in a customer's virtual machine environment. The customer service system is connected to the original IPPBX through SIP. On the one hand, it can be outgoing through the original analog trunk, and on the other hand, the analog phone can be connected to the customer service system. The original networking is not affected.

value of customer
After the system is deployed, the on-duty customer service will log in to the system to answer the calls, and the call will be answered by a dedicated person. Customer information sharing, customer service can view and record customer information on the phone pop-up screen during a call, reduce invalid communication and improve customer experience.