---Small and medium enterprise office telephone solution---
User needs
Under the traditional model, small, medium and micro enterprises generally apply for direct calls from operators to solve their corporate office telephone needs. With the development of enterprise informatization, they are facing difficulties such as high communication costs, low communication efficiency, and inability to display the company's brand image.

An Introduction
Shanglu Technology IP PBX800 and IP PBX3000 can provide integrated voice network solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises;
Uplink is interconnected with the operator's telephone network through IP/E1 relay mode;
Downlink analog phones, IADs, IP phones, video phones, soft phones and other terminal equipment;
Supports access to value-added service systems such as billing, recording, attendant console, and network management.


main feature
Smart Enterprise Switchboard
Provide telephone number query, call forwarding, business consultation and other services to incoming customers;
When external users of the enterprise dial the switchboard, they can also broadcast welcome messages and company introductions for external users to enhance the corporate image.

Free dialing between extensions
IPPBX internal self-switching, free dialing between all extensions.

Support conference call
Support reservation and instant meeting, system call and user dial-in conference call

Graphical interface
Graphical configuration interface, easy to operate.

Basic voice function
Enterprise switchboard, voice navigation, color ring back tone, caller ID, call transfer, transfer, fax, queue, pickup, hotline, group call, simultaneous ringing, secretary, alarm clock, black and white list, call authority, three-way calling, conference call, password dialing Wait.

Value-added business functions
Telephone recording, billing, network management, attendant console, simple call center.

Applicable scene
Micro-enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, etc.


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