VoIP Gateway IAD100-4FXS

  • VoIP Gateway IAD100-4FXS

VoIP Gateway IAD100-4FXS

This device is suitable for IP PBX, IMS/NGN,
call center, soft switch and other platforms
to expand the analog internal line.

  ●  FXS analog internal line 4 channels (RJ11)
  ●  Network interface : 4 Gigabit Ethernet  ports 
Concurrent calls : Full concurrency
  ●  Built-in router Function 

Gateway IAD100-4S is a leading high intelligence,multi-purpose voice access gateway designed to meet the requirements of small business, family office, remote office or company branch business. The IAD gives company a complete solution for telephony, networking, security. Connected with analog telephone,Fax, PBX with standard voice interface and provide quality voice service. LVswitch IAD series use standard SIP protocol, compatible with leading IMS/ NGN platform, as well as IPPBX and SIP servers.


--Industrial-grade top CPU configuration--

--QOS with both hardware and software--
QOS with both hardware and software, adopting advancedand cutting-edge technology,
under the extremely poor network,priority is given to guaranteeing the voice quality.

--Multiple interface types design, strong compatibility-- 

--The software core adopts LINUX system--

--Built-in router function-- 
Dial-up Internet/Broadband Assignment/IP Address Black and White List

--Compatible with PRI/R2/SS7/QSIG/V5 multiple signaling--
No need to replace hardware, automatically switch various signaling

---Product detailed parameters---

Hardware specifications
FXS interface: 4 (RJ11)
Console interface: 1*RJ45, 115200bps
USB interface: 1*USB 2.0, Full speed
Network interface: 1 WAN, 3 LAN full Gigabit Ethernet ports (1000 Base-T Ethernet)
Size: 212*149*26mm
Input voltage: DC12V, 1.5A
Power: 15W
Weight: <1.8KG
Chassis: 1U, metal material
Working environment: temperature -5°C-55°C, environmental relative humidity≦95%, no performance degradation within 3000m above sea level; atmospheric pressure 86KPa-106KPa airborne particle concentration≦180mg/M3

Software specifications
Basic function voice protocol: support static IP, DHCP, PPPoE, support WAN sub-interface
                                               Support DHCP server, NAT, DNS, IGMP, VLAN
                                               Support static routing, dynamic routing, policy routing
                                               Support PPTP, L2TP, IPSec SSL, VPN
                                               Support Switch VLAN, Trunk Port, support NTP Client
                                               Support Bandwidth Control, QoS Policy
                                               Support Security Firewall, APR Defense, DDoS protection
Voice services: basic calling, calling number display, call forwarding, three-way calling, finding malicious calls, outgoing restrictions, do not disturb, abbreviated dialing, hotline service, alarm clock, busy callback, conference call, support IMS SIP-based voice services , NGN SIP voice services, voice services based on the H.248 protocol
Voice codec: G.711U, G.711A, G.723, G.729
Voice quality assurance: support echo cancellation, mute detection, mute compression, comfortable background sound generation, support jitter buffer, support voice frame compensation function, support gain adjustment
Log function: support local log record, log upload to log server
Local management: support local HTTP web management, remote HTTS web management SSH console interface, support gateway configuration file import and export, support gateway configuration file import and export, support device reset, software upgrade, system debugging, support fault detection, equipment Status monitoring
Remote management: remote upgrade function, SNMP network management protocol, TR069 network management protocol, SYSLOG remote network management protocol.

*For more product details, please consult the company's professionals. The company reserves the right to design and change the product without prior notice.


---Enterprise Voice Resolution Plan ---