• SIP-T580


SIP-T580 is an enterprise business type IP agent phone,
It is suitable for large-scale agent telephone deployment and small and medium-sized call centers.

  ●  professional network agent for call center
  ●  4 SIP accounts;
  ●  2.8-inch color LCD display
  ●  professional desktop attendant console appearance,call
     centerhumanized button design

 ●   Buttons with LED lights, real-time display of the status of
     the function

Shanglu Technology SIP-T580P is a business-grade color screen IP agent phone, suitable for office communications of large, medium and small call center customer service companies. It has the characteristics of simple design, exquisite appearance, easy operation and high performance. Adopt 2.4 inch color LCD display, 320×240 resolution, support 4 SIP accounts, dual 100M Ethernet ports (built-in PoE power supply), external foot switch to control the answering/hanging up of the phone, automatic deployment, etc. . SIP-T580P is dedicated to creating an agent phone with perfect call sound quality, rich and advanced telephone functions for users, making customer communication easier and smoother. SIP-T580P can be widely compatible with mainstream call center/IP-PBX/softswitch platforms.
---Professional network agent phone for call center---
Support call center automatic answering of incoming calls, automatic outgoing calls

---Support PoE power supply ---
It can be used when connected to a PoE line network
---Support 17 languages switching---
Multi-language for selection, high adaptability

---Blacklist intelligent anti-harassment---
Automatically block harassing and fraudulent calls
---Personalized customized ringtones---
10 custom ringtones can be customized by the manufacturer

---Product detailed parameters---
Hardware specifications
Account: Support 4 SIP accounts
Physical interface: 2 x RJ9 interface: headset, headset (monitor port)
                     2 x RJ45 port: network port, PC port (bridge mode)
                     2 x 3.5mm interface: headset (side), foot switch
Screen: 2.8 inch color LCD display
Phone keyboard: 1 headset/ringing volume switch key, 2 volume up/down adjustment keys, 4 custom soft keys, 2 function keys with LDE light (headphone key/mute key), 4 standard function keys,
12 standard telephone number keys, 5 direction keys
Product specifications:
Phone size: desktop type (without earphone bracket length * width * height): 168mm*111mm*140mm
                     Desktop type (install earphone bracket length * width * height): 168mm*111mm*270mm
                     Net weight of the phone: 0.35kg
Power supply: universal power adapter, power supply: AC100-240V; output: DC 5V, 1000mA
Anti-falling ability: 1.3m anti-falling ability
Working environment requirements: working temperature: 0~45℃; working humidity: 10~90% (non-condensing)
Storage temperature: -20~60℃ Storage temperature: 10~90% (no condensation)

Software specifications
Operating system: Linux
Language: Support 17 languages ​​(Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Turkish, Korean, Russian, French, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Thai, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, Spanish, Vietnamese language)
Network features: SIPv1 (RFC2543), v2 (RFC3261), UDP/TCP/TLS, SRTP;
IPv4/IPv6/IPv4&IPv6 mode, IP address allocation mode: static IP/HDCP, CDP/LLDP, VLAN, OpenVPN, IEEE802.1X; HTTP/HTTPS, TR-069, SNTP, STUN, ICE;
Audio features: HD high-fidelity sound quality: HD headphones, HD speakers;
Broadband codec: G.722, Opus;
Narrowband codec: G.711(A/μ), G.729AB, G.726, iLBC;
DTMF: In-band transmission (In-band), out-of-band transmission (RFC 2833), SIP INFO;
Full-duplex hands-free, echo cancellation (AEC), voice activity detection (VAD), comfort noise generation
 (CNG), packet loss compensation (PLC), background noise detection (BNE),
Automatic gain control (AGC), dynamic adaptive RTP jitter buffer.
Telephone functions: phone dial out/answer/reject, call mute/unmute/hold/recover/blind transfer/inquiry transfer, agent offline/online call transfer (unconditional/busy/no answer), call waiting, ACD queuing, Call pickup/parking (with server required), caller ID method, anonymous call, phonebook download (XML, LDAP, 1000 entries), call history (1200 records), page outgoing dialing/hanging up, dialing rules, re Dialing, Do Not Disturb, Auto Answer, Voice Mail, Five-Party Conference, IP Direct Dialing, Hotline, Line Sharing, 10 built-in ringtones/upload custom ringtones, Action URL & Action URI, etc.
Security protection: user and administrator-level passwords, based on MD5 and MD5-sess authentication, 256-bit AES security profile, SRTP, TLS call encryption, 802.1x media access control
QoS: 802.11e and Layer 3 QoS (ToS, DiffServ, MPLS),
Upgrade/configuration: upgrade firmware via TFTP / HTTP / HTTPS, PnP automatic deployment, web upload firmware upgrade, use TR-069 or AES encrypted XML configuration file for large-scale deployment

*For more product details, please consult the company's professionals. The company reserves the right to design and change the product without prior notice.

---Enterprise after-sales customer service voice solution---