Understand the five advantages of IP telephony.

Understand the five advantages of IP telephony.

Understand the five advantages of IP telephony.

As a new service, IP telephony has its own characteristics and strengths that traditional services cannot match. According to the current development trend of network technology, it can be foreseen that in the near future, IP telephonys will gradually replace traditional PSTN phones.

Compared with traditional phones, IP telephonys have the following advantages:

(1) Save bandwidth. The bandwidth consumed by circuit-switched telephones is 64Kkbps. The IP telephony only needs 6-8Kkbps (even lower than 2.4Kkbps), which saves bandwidth and reduces costs.

(2) Low call charges. The reduction in cost reduces the cost of calls, especially for long-distance communications.

(3) Intelligence can be easily integrated. The IP telephone network inherits the intelligent modules of the computer network, and can flexibly control signaling and connection, which is conducive to the development of various value-added services.

(4) Open system structure. The protocol system of IP telephony is open, which is conducive to the standardization and interconnection of products of various manufacturers.

(5) Integration of multimedia services. The IP telephone network supports the transmission of voice, data, and images at the same time, laying the foundation for the comprehensive provision of multimedia services in the future.

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