Hospitals need to prevent the loss of patients. While improving their medical standards, they also urgently need to improve the level of hospital services to patients. Large hospitals need to conduct scientific research and analysis on the therapeutic effects of post-hospital drugs, cancer survival rates, and recovery of patients' surgery. Therefore, various types of medical institutions also have the need and motivation for post-hospital follow-up services. However, the traditional hospital follow-up mode has a single means and a huge workload, so the implementation of post-hospital follow-up services in the hospital is not ideal. The UCC telephone follow-up system is based on the call center CTI technology and a HIS information management system developed based on the characteristics of the hospital to provide professional telephone return visit services for the hospital. The system integrates a variety of communication methods such as telephone, text message, email, fax, WeChat and webpage to provide a comprehensive information service platform for hospitials.

●Be integrated with other virtual networks, PBXs, program-controlled switches and other communication networking.

●Create and enhance the brand advantage of the hospital and establish a good patient reputation
● Optimize the hospital service process and improve patient satisfaction
●Reduce the cost of hospital services and create multiple communication platforms

● Improve the level of medical information and accelerate the development of hospital scale

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