PRI Gateway IAD 100-8E1

  • PRI Gateway IAD 100-8E1

PRI Gateway IAD 100-8E1

This equipment is suitable for large-capacity TDM
access, call center/dispatch system, E1 trunk jumper.

  ●  The maximum 8-way E1/T1 trunk permit (RJ45);
  ●  Network interface : 3 Gigabit Ethernet  ports 
  ●  Concurrent calls : Full concurrency

  ●  Built-in router Function 

IAD100-8E1 is a leading high intelligence,multi-purpose voice access gateway designed to meet the requirements of small business, family office, remote office or company branch business. The IAD gives company a complete solution for telephony, networking, security. Connected with analog telephone,Fax, PBX with standard voice interface and provide quality voice service. LVswitch IAD series use standard SIP protocol, compatible with leading IMS/ NGN platform, as well as IPPBX and SIP servers.




--Industrial-grade top CPU configuration--

--QOS with both hardware and software--
QOS with both hardware and software, adopting advancedand cutting-edge technology,
under the extremely poor network,priority is given to guaranteeing the voice quality.

--Multiple interface types design, strong compatibility-- 

--The software core adopts LINUX system--

--Built-in router function-- 
Dial-up Internet/Broadband Assignment/IP Address Black and White List

--Compatible with PRI/R2/SS7/QSIG/V5 multiple signaling--
No need to replace hardware, automatically switch various signaling

---Product detailed parameters---

Hardware specifications
E1 interface: 8(RJ45)
Console interface: 1*RJ45, 115200bps
USB interface: 1*USB 2.0, Full speed
Network interface: 3 10/100/1000Mbps adaptive Gigabit Ethernet interface (RJ45)
Size: 443*420*188mm
Input voltage: 100~240VAC
Power: 300W
Chassis: 4.5U, metal material
Weight: <15KG
Working environment: temperature -5°C-55°C, environmental relative humidity≦95%, no performance degradation within 3000m above sea level, atmospheric pressure 86KPa-106KPa airborne particle concentration≦180mg/M3

Software specifications
Narrowband signaling intercommunication: IAD100-8E1 can communicate with operator PSTN or traditional PBX equipment through PRI, R2, SS7 relay
Broadband protocol interoperability: IAD100-8E1 can interoperate with other IP PBX, NGN or IMS through SIP trunk
Docking mode: Uplink is connected to PSTN line or traditional PBX through E1 trunk, and down is connected to IP PBX, call center and other platforms through SIP trunk.
VOIP security: Jitter Buffer, VAD, echo cancellation, CNG
IP services: DHCP, PPPOE, DNS, NTP Client/Server, SSH, FTP, HTTP/HTTPS
IP acquisition method: Static IP/DHCP/PPPOE/WAN sub-interface
Voice codec: G. 711a/u, G. 729a and G. 723
Security features: support the control and management of different roles and permissions; support basic firewall functions, firewall black and white lists
Local management: Web management interface, version upgrade/rollback, data backup, certificate management
Remote management: SNMP V2/V3, TR069, OMC network unit
Status monitoring: hardware status monitoring, service status
Log management: operation log, user log, security log
Warning management: active warning, historical warning query

*For more product details, please consult the company's professionals. The company reserves the right to design and change the product without prior notice.

---Enterprise Voice Resolution Plan---