IP Phone SIP T780

  • IP Phone SIP T780

IP Phone SIP T780

IP Phone SIP T780 is a simple office phone with rich functions. In addition, it also has HD sound quality, unique appearance design and multi-language exchange.Support dual POE power supply; Support wifi connection;Compatible with mainstream IP PBX; The DSS extension module has 32 two-color keys to display the extension number, call status and call information, and can access 320 DSS user status keys.

Phone Characteristics  
Support  multi-languages (Chinese/ English/Korean/Spanish/Japanese/Turkish)
Support multi SIP accounts
Support call hold, call wait, call transfer
Call forwarding(on busy,blind,no answer)
Caller ID,Redial,Mute,DND
Auto answer,3-way conference, Broadcast paging 
Speed dial,Voice message
Information indicator,Volume control
Ringtone selection, import, delete (with 10 songs)
Support time setting (SNTP/SIP Server acquisition/
Blacklist, call records (dialed, received,
not received, 1000 pieces record)
Support web control,Wifi connection
Advanced function
4 functional soft keys
4 navigation keys
6 functional keys(headset,voicemail,mute,transfer,redial,speaker)
Support XML personal address book search/import/export (1000 pieces)
Support 320 DSS extension keys,monitor the line status
Advanced features
BLF/BLA,BLF list,DND&Call forward
Call rule,dial out instantly,Call pickup  
Distinctive Ring
Audio  parameters
Broadband code: G.722
Narrowband code: G.711μ/A, G723.1, G726, G.729AB,iLBC
Support VAD,CNG,AEC,AGC and other audio processing
Full duplex hands-free with automatic echo cancellation
Network parameters
Support SIP V1(RFC2543),V2(RFC3261)
Support DNS SRV(RFC3263)
Support STUN intranet penetration、CDP、LLDP、L2TP
Support 3 DTMF modes:In-band、RFC2833、SIP INFO
Support 2 IP acquisition mode:Static /DHCP
Built-in DNS/TFTP/FTP client
Support NAT/DHCP services
Configuration management
Support FTP/TFTP/HTTP/HTTPS auto upgrade
Support three configuration modes: web page and phone configuration and auto configuration
Support TR069 protocol,remote upgrade,Telnet management
Built-in HTTP Web server user configuration management
Safety Characteristics
Support VLAN(802.1pq),LLDP,VPN(L2TP)
Support TLS(Transport Layer Security)protocol
Support keyboard lock, support admin/user layer mode
Support information verification mechanism MD5, support for AES encryption protocol
Support  encryption chip hard encryption (optional)
Technical Parameters
Operation system:Linux
IP Phone SIP T780

  • 语言 支持多国语言(中文/英文)
  • 账号 支持2个SIP账号
  • 协议 支持SIP 1.0 (RFC2543) 、SIP 2.0 (RFC3261)、IEEE 802.3 /802.3 u 10 Base T / 100Base TX、UDP/ TCP/IP、 RTP、 RTCP、SRTP、DHCP、 PPPoE、DNS、Telnet、FTP、TFTP、HTTP、HTTPS、VAD/CNG 、PPTP、L2TP、OpenVPN、SNTP、STUN

  • 接口及配置 :2个10/100自适应以太网接口,可支持PoE供电;
  • 高清语音:手柄和免提模式支持高清晰语音通话。 语音编码:G.711A/u,G722, G.723 high/low,G.729 A/B,支持DTMF带内和带外传送(SIP INFO,DTMF Relay,RFC2833)。
  • 电话功能 :呼叫保持、静音、转接、呼叫转移(无条件转移、无应答转移、遇忙转移)、多方会议、呼叫等待、个性铃声、通信录导入\下载、自动应答。 可存储500个电话号码,通话记录100条。 可支持黑名单(可选) 可以支持 加密通话功能。
  • 铃声:铃声可选择10首(需要可出厂时添加)。
  • 时间设置 :支持时间设置(SNTP/SIP Server获取/手动)。

  • 耳机 RJ9接口
  • 加密 支持AES等软加密,或者加密芯片硬加密。
  • 网络管理 Tr069 、SNMP,可支持OMC平台
  • 通讯录 LDAP通讯录、 支持微软AD服务器、支持XML远程通讯录
  • 屏幕 2.3寸LCD显示屏