billing system

  • billing system

billing system

The billing system is based on the CentOS 6.5 X64 system,
which supports post-payment, pre-payment, card number
billing, gateway billing, rate definition, bill query and
statistics. Enterprise billing, the system uses a web
browser to log in and manage.

CDR management
Support detailed record of call bills, call bill statistics function. Support CDR and report export to Excel table

Call record
CDR management >> CDR records, the latest CDR records are displayed by default, and the CDRs can be searched and exported.

Enterprise bill statistics
According to enterprise statistics, local call, domestic and international call time and total amount.

User bill statistics
Statistics of local call, domestic and international call duration and total amount according to enterprise users.

Gateway bill statistics
Statistics of local calls, domestic and international call durations, and total amount based on gateway users.

Equipment management
The voice device management of the docking billing system, the voice device extension number resource management, and the standardized processing of the call bill of the called number.

Manage the IPPBX devices that have been billed.

Extension management
Manage the extension number of IPPBX billing. Support batch import and export.

Route prefix management
Standardize the prefix of the special called number. In the device cascading scenario, if the CDR generated by the called number of the lower-end device has a prefix of 9 or 0, the routing prefix needs to be standardized.

Billing management
Set up rate group, rate, number attribution data management.

Rate group management
Different rate groups can be set, and different rate groups can be bound to different companies.

Rate management
Local is the default local call rate, and inter is the internal call rate.

Billing account
Accounting account management includes enterprise account, user account, and gateway account management. User accounts and gateway accounts are secondary accounts and belong to designated enterprise accounts.

Enterprise account
Create corporate accounts, assign rate groups to corporate accounts, and manage corporate account recharge. Support account freezing.

user account
User account management supports batch import and export.

Gateway account
The gateway account is charged according to the voice gateway relay.

Recharge record
Record recharge logs for corporate accounts, user accounts, and gateway accounts.


Login log
Record system user login records.

Operation log
Record the log of the operating system of the system user.

System Management

system message
Display software version, storage space, and resource occupancy.

CDR management
The system stores the bills for 6 months. Support manual backup of CDRs.

Billing interface settings
Port, account, and password configuration for billing docking.

System account management
System administrator management, modify password, add new administrator account.


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