What technology and settings are used for IP phones.

What technology and settings are used for IP phones.

What technology and settings are used for IP phones.

IP telephony is a packet interchange technology, which is a long-distance telephone service function through Internet IP technical matters. The use of IP telephony can be set directly on the computer. You need a computer and various editing and server software, and then establish a connection method on the server, install the phone, plug in the power source, enter the correct password, and set the domain name to use. The following is a detailed introduction.

First, what technology does
IP phone use:

1. IP telephony belongs to packet switching technology.

2. The concept of IP telephony: IP (referred to as VoIP, derived from English VoiceoverInternetProtocol; also known as broadband telephony or Internet telephony) telephony is a new type of telephone communication through the Internet or other networks that use IP technology. With the increasing popularity of the Internet and the surge in the number of cross-border communications, IP telephony has also been used in long-distance telephone services.

3. The basic principle of Ip phone: Ip phone is a packetized and digital transmission technology based on IP technology. The basic principle is: the voice data is compressed and encoded by the voice compression algorithm, and then the voice data is packaged according to IP and other related protocols, and the data packets are transmitted to the receiving place through the IP network, and then these voice data packets are stringed together. After decoding and decompression processing, it is restored to the original voice signal, so as to achieve the purpose of transmitting voice through the IP network.

ip phone

Second, the IP phone setting method:

1. Installation preparation: prepare a PC, VOIP phone software, XML editing software, FTP service software and time server software.

2. Establish BootServer and time server: First, establish BootServer, decompress Bootrom and AIP software to the root directory of BootServer. Secondly, set up an FTP server, specify the directory of the FTP server as the directory BootServer, and start the FTP server. Finally, a time server is established.

3. Configure the phone: install the phone, plug in the internet cable and power supply. After the phone is powered on, press the Setup software to enter the configuration page. After entering, you will be prompted to enter the password. Enter 456 and press OK. Configure the server, set the FTP server address and enter the user name and password respectively. Finally save the settings and exit.

4. Open the BootServer directory, save all the files in the directory, remove the read-only file attribute, and set 000000000000. Change cfg to MAC address. cfg, put phonel. Change cfg to phoneMAC address. cfg, and then open the MAC address with an XML editor. cfg.

5. Set the phoneMAC address. cfg, use XML editing software to open the phoneMAC address. cfg file.

6. Restart the computer. After restarting, look at the extension number in the upper left corner to determine whether the registration is successful.

7. If you install a DHCP server and set the Option66 option, you can skip step 3.

8. If you want to install the second phone, you can copy the address of the first phone, and then change them to the address corresponding to the phone.

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