What are the advantages of Voip Telephone?

What are the advantages of Voip Telephone?

What are the advantages of Voip Telephone?

VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, and its function, in simple terms, is to use the Internet for outbound and inbound calls, rather than standard landline phones. As a new generation of Internet phone system, IP phone has many advantages.

1. Internet features and free

An important advantage of VoIP is that as long as a person has Internet access, no matter where he is, it is possible to make or receive calls. To appreciate this feature, it is important to understand that even mobile phones do not cover remote and remote areas like the Internet. Undoubtedly, all standard functions are free-whether it is three-way conference, automatic function call forwarding, automatic redial function and call identification. Of course, you can also connect to an external network phone line like SKYPE, making it cheaper to call. . VoIP providers always allow unlimited outbound and inbound calls, including international calls. For people who frequently make overseas calls, VoIP means incredible cost savings.

2. Cross-regional sharing

Voip Telephone can be networked in multiple locations. For example, after the systems of Beijing and the United States are networked, the exchange of extensions between Beijing and the United States is free.

3.reduce wiring troubles

The IP telephone system does not need to be wired like a traditional telephone switch, just plug the IP phone directly into the network cable, which is very convenient. You can register the soft phone on your computer and mobile phone, which means you can use the company's Voip Telephone to make and receive calls when you are not in the company.

4.simple operation

The IP phone system is very simple to configure, or to operate and maintain, as long as you understand a little network knowledge, you can perform maintenance. With the development of VoIP communication technology (web conference) and Internet technology, today's IP phones have entered the era of all smart devices. Yealink IP phones have built-in 5G Wi-Fi, built-in Bluetooth, support content sharing, use Android systems, and operate phones. Operate the smartphone as shown in the figure.

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