Introduction to the advantages of IP PBX.

Introduction to the advantages of IP PBX.

Introduction to the advantages of IP PBX.

With the continuous development of the network, the traditional telephone extension system, namely the telephone exchange, has been upgraded and replaced by the IP telephone exchange IP PBX. Compared with traditional telephone exchanges, IP PBX is smarter, more practical and more convenient. It integrates a series of functions and can use mobile phones in the 2G era. However, compared with current 5G or 4G mobile phones, 2G mobile phones can only make calls and send text messages. However, in 4G, mobile phones can be used for video, voice messaging and positioning. Therefore, in today's intelligent age, telephone switches can basically achieve all the functions you want.

1. Compared with traditional switches. The current IP PBX telephone exchange has a recording function, which is very practical. If the traditional switch needs to record, other equipment is needed, and there may be a jumper phenomenon. This situation is not only troublesome, but also high maintenance costs.

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2. Wiring. In a traditional telephone exchange, each extension needs to be pulled from the workstation to the computer room. But it's different now. All voice messages can be transmitted over the network, so network cables can also be used. One network cable does not mean that only one SIP phone can be used. In theory, no.

Example: There is a room that was not originally designed as an office location. If you need to work now, you need to wire and use it according to the original traditional switch. If there are about 30 people in the office, so many phone lines must be pulled from the computer room. But now it can be used as long as there is a network cable, and the network cable can be connected to a small network switch, and the network and telephone can be realized at the same time.

And it can also be achieved wirelessly using WIFI. For example, the original monitoring room did not leave the network cable and telephone line, but the company's WIFI network can be searched in the location of the monitoring room, so we can solve this problem by placing WIFI phones. Convenient, fast and beautiful.

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