How to detect and solve the cause of power adapter failure? | usb telephone adapter

How to detect and solve the cause of power adapter failure? | usb telephone adapter

How to detect and solve the cause of power adapter failure? | usb telephone adapter

1. Testing:

   1. Firstly, you can check whether the power adapter or laptop battery is in good contact by gently shaking the power connector or battery. If it is not normal, try to reinstall the power adapter or battery. The possible fault conditions are deformation of the power connector or a decrease in the elasticity of the battery contacts.

2. If the power supply or battery connector is good, use a multimeter to measure the output voltage of the power adapter or battery, mainly to check whether the output voltage is stable, and whether the actual output voltage value is consistent with the nominal voltage of the power supply, if the output is unstable or the actual output voltage is consistent with the product If the nominal difference is great, you need to replace the damaged power adapter or battery.

  3. If the above detection steps all show normal, it can be inferred that the fault is on the notebook power board or motherboard. Here you need to open the notebook computer shell and check whether the power board and the motherboard are in good contact.

  4. If the power board and the battery are in good contact, use the replacement method commonly used in DIY to check whether the power board is normal. If not, replace it.

   5. If you confirm that the power board and battery are normal through the above methods, it can be inferred that the notebook motherboard or other main components are damaged (such as the power-on circuit failure). At this time, the motherboard can be repaired or replaced.

   2. Solve the problem:

   1. Check the indicator light of the power adapter. If the indicator light is on, it is generally considered that there is no problem from the power supply to the adapter, and it must be ensured that the indicator light itself is not broken.

   2. Check whether there is electricity between the power adapter and the computer. This can be displayed by the indicator light of the notebook. When the notebook is charged with power, the charging indicator light will be on. Otherwise, it will not light up. Or find a power adapter of the same brand to try. Use your power adapter to hold the other party’s laptop. If the other party’s computer is working properly, your power adapter is fine. Otherwise, there may be a problem with your power adapter. If the other party’s power adapter is plugged into your computer and your computer works normally, but your own power adapter does not work, then your power adapter has a problem.

   3. Observe the change of the indicator light of the computer. If you plug in the power adapter, you can see that the charging indicator turns on and off, and it stays on for a while, then there is a problem with the power adapter interface in the notebook. Generally, the internal cable may be broken, the circuit board is aging, and soldering. Causes such as falling. This is called a virtual welding phenomenon. This situation can only be repaired by an expert.

   Frequently Asked Questions about Power Adapter:

   1. They are all power supplies with the same nominal voltage and different output currents. Can they be used on the same laptop?

   The power supply voltage is the same, the output current is different, can it be used on the same laptop. The basic principle is that a power supply with a large nominal current can replace a power supply with a small nominal current. It is estimated that some people will think this way, thinking that a power supply with a large nominal current will burn the books because the current is large. In fact, the current depends on the load when the voltage is the same. Hehe, think about physics in junior high school. When the notebook is running at a high load, the current is larger, and when the notebook enters the standby mode, the current is smaller, and the power supply with a large nominal current has sufficient current margin. On the contrary, some people use a 56w power supply instead of 72w to use it without any problems. The reason is that usually the design of the power adapter leaves a certain margin, and the load power is less than the power supply power, so this kind of replacement is feasible in general use. But the remaining power margin is very small. Once your notebook is connected to many peripherals, such as two USB hard drives, then the cpu runs at full speed, and there is a base on which an optical drive reads the disk at full speed, plus simultaneous Charging the battery is estimated to be dangerous. You should feel your power supply at any time to see if you can boil eggs. Therefore, it is best not to replace the high-current power supply with a small-current power supply.

  2. It’s the same machine. If someone’s power supply is warm, mine is always hot. Why?

Don’t doubt that there is a problem with your power supply, first look at what your notebooks are doing. Is it the two USB hard drives mentioned above, the CPU runs at full speed, the hard drive reads and writes crazy, the optical drive reads the disk at full speed, charges the battery at the same time, and puts it loudly. With music, the screen is brightest, the wireless network card is always detecting signals, etc. It is important to make good use of power management and adjust the working status of the notebook according to the task.

  3. The nominal voltage of the power supply is much higher than the voltage of my notebook battery. There will be no accidents, right?

   First of all, it is important to know that the power supply to the notebook is different from the battery to power the notebook.

Powered by battery, the output of the battery is pure DC, which is very clean. The voltage of the battery is neither possible nor need to be designed very high. The chemical characteristics of the lithium battery determine that the output voltage of a battery cell can only be around 3.6V, so Many batteries use a three-stage series connection, and 10.8V has become a very popular battery voltage. The nominal value of some batteries is slightly larger than an integer multiple of 3.6V, such as 3.7V or 11.2V, etc., in fact, to protect the battery.

Power supply, the situation is more complicated. First, the added voltage needs to be further stabilized and filtered to ensure stable operation in the case of poor power performance. The stabilized voltage is divided into two parts, all the way to supply power to the notebook. The other way is to charge the battery. The part that supplies power to the notebook is the same as when the battery is powered. The part that charges the battery needs to be added to the battery cell through the battery's charge control circuit. The control circuit can be very complicated, so the power supply voltage It must be greater than the cell voltage to have sufficient capacity to supply each unit of the charging control circuit. Finally, the voltage that is actually added to the battery cell will never be the nominal voltage of your power supply.
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